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How Chiller works

A chiller, also known as refrigeration unit, is a thermal machine which, by exploiting the compression and expansion of a refrigerating gaseous fluid, can remove the heat from a heat-carrying fluid, which is often water or air.

JAES, leader in the spare parts industry for more than 10 years, offers in its catalogue all types of chillers from the leading manufacturers.

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What is a capacitor and how it works? Ceramic - Electrolytic – Tantalum - Supercapacitor

The capacitor is a component that stores an electric charge, as a battery would, but has a different operation and use.
We can find them in all circuit boards and they are very useful because they can release energy when the main electrical supply gets interrupted or is unstable.

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Gearings , Gear trains, Reduction Drive, and Gearmotors

A gear train is a succession of gear wheels meshed together in such a way that the rotation of one causes the rotation of the others. The transmission of kinetic energy from an engine of any type to a user element is based on this simple mechanism, which is therefore utilised in several machineries.

In this video, we are firstly going to point out the principles of gear trains. Consequently, we will explore how they apply to Reduction Drives and how these ones are related to gearmotors.

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How does a Thermocouple work?

The thermocouple is a very simple and cheap instrument, which can measure different degrees of temperature; thanks to its simplicity it is used in many industrial sectors.

The basic principle that uses the thermocouple for its operation was discovered by the physicist Thomas Johann Seebeck in 1822. He discovered that in a closed circuit composed of two conductors of different nature and subjected to a temperature gradient, a potential difference is established , that is proportional to the temperature differences.

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How is a LNG regasifier transported? How does it work?

In one of our previous videos we talked about natural gas. We went through all the detailed steps necessary for its extraction, the types of plant where it is used and we also had an overview of its peculiar features.

As aforementioned, once the gas has been extracted it is refined and transported through gas or methane pipelines, into electrical systems and households.

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Types of compressors and how they work

A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gaseous fluid by reducing its volume, so that it can be transported through pipes.

With over 10 years of experience in industrial supplies, Jaes’s catalogue offers every type of compressor from the leading manufacturers.

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What are filters? How do they work?

Filtration is a physical process that separates solid material from a fluid that can be liquid or gaseous. This phenomenon occurs thanks to a filter medium hat has a complex structure through which only the fluid can pass.

It is a very simple operation, but of fundamental importance in many areas.

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What is steel?

When was it discovered? What types of steel do exist? Which are its applications?

It is resistant to corrosion, traction and wear. It was first discovered by some Hindu tribes, perfected in its use by the Japanese people and later discontinued for a long time; only to be rediscovered in England in 1740. What are we talking about? Obviously, we are talking about the most widely used metal alloy all over the world, Steel!

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Sensors and Transducers

We are surrounded by electronic devices of any kind, but have you ever wondered how they know exactly what they have to do and when they have to do it in order to work properly?

From smartphones to refrigerators, from computers to entire power stations, in every field of electronics, what makes circuits work properly are Sensors, devices that acquire information from the outside world and transmit it to circuits in the form of electrical signals.

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How scrap steel is used

Electric Furnace - Direct Reduced iron (HBI) - the future of steel


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