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What is an ENCODER - Linear and Rotary encoder - Incremental and Absolute encoder

An encoder is a communication device that controls the motion of an operating device.
Encoders are used to translate rotary or linear motion into a digital signal helping to determine the speed or position of a motor or other moving equipment.

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How does a hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder work?

In this video, we will see the major differences between hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, their functioning, and their applications in the industrial sector.

Before starting, it is essential to specify that there are differences between the single-acting cylinder and the double-acting one.

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Solar energy and photovoltaic cells

Solar energy is the energy associated with solar radiation and it represents the primary source of energy on Earth.
The sun is the engine of life on earth, which gives us light and heat.

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How does a thermal power plant work?

A thermal power plant is a large-sized plant that turns the thermal energy into electric energy, using water as working fluid.
Thanks to their production of electricity we can turn on the lights and make all our household appliances work, so that we can take advantage of many comforts.

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How do bearings work?
Types and durability calculation.

Bearings are used to reduce the friction between two objects that are in linear or circular motion against each other.

The first intuition came from Leonardo Da Vinci in his studies regarding friction.

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How do electric cars work?

An electric car is a vehicle that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

The first electric car prototypes were built and introduced already 200 years ago, during the first half of the 19th century.

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Pressure Transmitter

In this video we will explain the operation of the transmitter, a device used to convert physical quantities into readable data visualizations, a basic requirement in every technological field.

More than 10 years in industrial supplies sector have led JAES to become a qualified partner for some of the most important industrial automation companies, providing any kind of transmitters.

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How do transistors work?

TRANSISTORS are semiconductor devices widely used both in analog and digital electronics.
They are at the basis of modern electronics and are essential for the control of many circuits or entire processors.

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How do Lithium-ion batteries work?

Rechargeable and lightweight, Lithium-ion batteries have changed our lives on the way we communicate, move and work. Let’s see how they were born and how they work.

These batteries have revolutionized the way of storing energy since the early nineties.

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Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmissions – Epicyclic Gear Train - Dual-clutch - Continuously Variable

As we’ve already explained in our previous video a manual transmission consists mainly of a gear pair and a clutch.
While the traditional automatic transmission uses a planetary gear and a torque converter.

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