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The World of Engineering
What is really engineering?

Everybody has certainly seen huge buildings while driving, like a suspension bridge, and wondered “how can that bridge hold up? How has it been designed and built?”.

This is what engineering is for: a technical-scientific discipline, whose goal is to produce systems and solutions for technical and material requirements through design and creation of a good or a service, or for the development and control of the industrial process.

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What is a diode and how it works - PN junction and 3D animation

The diode is a mainly resistive non-linear passive electronic component with two terminals, whose function is to allow the flow of electric current in one direction and virtually block it in the opposite one.

The two diode terminals are called ANODE and CATHODE. The electric current conventionally goes from the anode to the cathode following this direction.

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The Engineering World
Different types of engineering

Over the years, some people are world-known as great engineers because they have given us structures, solutions, methods that even nowadays we consider them as some brilliant innovations. If you think of the engineer Brunel who built the Great Western Railway in the United Kingdom, and still working today, or Archimedes recognized as the greatest of all classical engineers, with his screw pump also called the screw of Archimedes.

All great engineers were and are astounding in many areas, but most operate within well-defined specializations, each with its own characteristics and expertise.

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How to produce hydrogen efficiently? Discovering the fuel of the future

Hydrogen is the most simple chemical element on earth. As a matter of fact, atoms are composed by a single proton and a single electron. That’s why hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table.
Many think wrongly that hydrogen is an energy source, however it actually is an ENERGY VECTOR, because it can accumulate and provide that energy. For example, this process happens with fuel cells, which generate electricity using a hydrogen chemical reaction, producing water, heat and especially electricity as a by-product.

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How Inverters Work - Working principle rectifier

We’re going to be looking at inverters: their uses and how they work, coming up.
First of all look at the difference between alternating and direct current, then we’ll look at the purpose of inverters and where they are used. Then we’ll move on and have a look at simple example of how they work and finally we’ll look at a more advanced pulse width modulation example.

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What is a THYRISTOR and how it works - PN-PN junction

A Thyristor or SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) is a semiconductor device that allows the flow of electric current only in one direction. It behaves like a diode, but unlike the latter, the pass-through current can be driven.

More than 10 years in industrial supply have led JAES to become a qualified partner for some of the most important thyrisyor manufacturer companies.

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A train across the sea - One of the coolest experiences in transportation

Thanks to the rapid development of rail networks as well as international railway lines; nowaday trains are able to travel thousands of miles across state lines and reach foreign lands or distant places.
But, did you know, that trains, can also reach the islands??

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Ultra-low-temperature freezers (ULT) Vaccine freezer

Ultra-low-temperature freezer or ULT freezer is one of the main tools used in many research laboratories, as well as in many branches of science such as: molecular biology and life science.
It also represent an essential device for vaccine transportation. An ULT freezer is in fact necessary when it comes to protect important and delicate biological samples.

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How do Lithium-ion batteries work?

Rechargeable and lightweight, Lithium-ion batteries have changed our lives on the way we communicate, move and work. Let’s see how they were born and how they work.

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How do hydrogen cars work?

There has been quite a discussion lately about an alternative fuel car: the HYDROGEN CAR! This is the green alternative to the classic combustion engine.

When talking about hydrogen cars, we don’t mean an hydrogen fuelled engine, but an electric engine getting power from an hydrogen fuel cell.

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